People called him a philosopher.

Gotta catch 'em all.

He knows better than to believe such a thing.

His flawlessly ordered life collapsed when his drug-addict brothers appeared.


He demonstrated new vacuum cleaners.

The frog inflated himself more and more, until finally he burst.

I'll keep my lips sealed.

What one man can invent another can discover.

The bazaar ended a great success.

It is both good and cheap.

The teacher caned the children if they misbehaved or were unable to recite their times tables.

Gypsy got into the car and slammed the door.

I'm at a loss about what to do with the mess.


He refused my offer for no good reason.


Society does not encourage relationships between people who have a large age gap.


I can't get over you.


Tahsin squeezed Valerie's hand.

I'll fix you a cup of tea.

This custom dates back to the 12th century.


I did warn Geoffrey.

If you say "I was tricked," well that's certainly so but there's no mistaking that you were the one who signed up on a "sweet deal".

She hates the rules.

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Have you done your homework yet?

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Is it really necessary to do that?

I can't forget about that stupid movie.

To translate is to betray.

Before going to work in Paris I must freshen up on my French.

I know that the last thing you want to do is hurt me.

I wish things had happened differently.

The bus is very crowded this morning.


Should I get him for you?

You're seeing someone else, aren't you?

Things were happening kind of fast.

If I had known her address, I could have visited her.

They're after us.

I'll mention it to Teresa.

Why do you want to talk with her?

I don't have hobbies, except for football.

I was excited when I won.

It's nice and cool.

I have the same trouble as you had.

Linder lives on welfare.

Brender returned the shirt because it was too small.

I was fifteen years old in this picture.

You're thorough.

Shaving takes time.

I work like a slave!


A few flakes of snow were falling, and one of them, rather larger than the rest, alighted on the edge of one of the flower boxes.

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It's just a tale.


I am absolutely fallible.


This should be easy.

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Loyd says he's not the one who did that.

I'm really cold.

Let's open a bottle of wine.

I don't know who the man is.

It is five minutes to nine.


Do you know how to swim?

We're glad to be here.

I have no idea where Louise is.

I was nine years old when I asked my mother whether Father Christmas really existed.

If you have any reasons for not clearing this payment, please let us know.

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I do not know what to write in this sentence.


You must be careful when swimming in the sea.

Do you suppose it will rain today?

I usually jerk off to porn rather than my own fantasies.


How do you spell that?

Mwa is warming himself by the fire.

I miss you a lot.

I hope you enjoyed the trip.

Dorothy runs 10 kilometers a day.


That hotel serves very good food.

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She thought to the contrary.


She was ill for a week.

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It made me a little sad.

Dwight pleaded no contest to two counts of drunken driving.

Be on your guard against pickpockets.

He did duty at the expense of his health.

Sandeep certainly sunk a lot of money into his business.

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Give us a ride downtown.


I had trouble getting a taxi.


Some birds alighted on the window sill.

Ernest wasn't allowed to visit his father who was in prison.

The Norman Cob is a breed of light draft horse that originated in Normandy in northern France.


The Knesset will look different after the Israeli elections within four months.

We're on time.

He enters my house.

I really wanted to go to the party, but I couldn't.

He hired a private investigator.

Do you think it's difficult to speak French?

Rolling a kayak in white water is an advanced skill.

The iris deeply associated with the Boys' Festival does not have a beautiful flower.

No one understands me.

I faced the champion.

Don't beat around the bush; tell me who is to blame.


Why are pretty things so fragile?


Nothing is heard about him.


That's hogwash.

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She's a glamorous girl.

He isn't a man to take a bribe.

He's in hospital.

I want to know who paid for this.

I want to help Native Americans to save their languages from extinction.

Hillel went back downstairs.

Please don't open the window.

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I'm dying to find out what Andrew said.

How many friends do you have on Facebook?

The young gentleman would like to drink something.

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If you act in such a childish way, then you will be treated as child.

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He asked her advice about the problem.

We also have lentils in our assortment.

I thought it was hilarious.

When did you go to sleep?

Sid didn't let his children go out at night.

Vivisection is a shame.

I always knew that Janet was a troublemaker.

Do something about that noise.

We do what we want to do.

Get back in the van.

Were it not for your help, I should fail.

I'm not hungry anymore.

I am thinking about my children.

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Nou is waiting for you at home.

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At present I am working for a median university.

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Dr. Valeri Polyakov, a Russian cosmonaut, was in space from January 8, 1994 to March 1995. He holds the record for the longest continuous stay in space.

Terri arrived in Boston last night.

Some people are up to their necks in debt.

Don't tell Kirsten I said that.

You can't have a celebration without fireworks.


He is well versed in foreign affairs.

We've been here for three years.

Getting up at 6 a.m. was hard at first, but now I'm used to it.


I'll trade you something for it.

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Wendy helped himself to another dish of ice cream.

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It's a very serious issue.

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You'd have to ask her.

A square is one type of rectangle, and a rectangle is one type of parallelogram.

We have until October to get this done.

It's hard to change a bad habit.

Raise the blinds to let in a little light.

I just banged my head on something.

Will you make up with me?

I didn't commit myself to attend the meeting.

I have been reading a book all morning.

I don't think I can stop Glenn from doing that.

Why do you need me to find Jagath?

Lenny is contributing, isn't he?

The park was built for the benefit of the public.


She kisses her child a hundred times a day.

Meg is beating a drum.

I'm not afraid to do what I have to do.

I want them killed.

You may bring anyone you want.

We had a rough day.

I asked where he had been.


The young nurse fell in love with a patient.

He's far more experienced than me.

To tell the truth, things at home haven't been going too well...we're thinking of getting a divorce.